Ted Holding is one of the writers of Waltzing Matilda musical.  He is a talented poet, and composer, has released several CD's of new Australian Christmas Songs, which sold very well, and has had his poems published in journals and as a collection. For many years he was involved in the Perth Carols by Candlelight, as an M.C. and singer, and brought it from a small local production to the televised spectacle that it is now.


Andrew Partington, the other writer, is also a talented composer, poet, music arranger and jazz pianist. He has written more than seven musicals, as well as music directing for professional and amatuer music theatre productions. He has written or arranged, and recorded many songs and albums.

To separate out their respective roles in creating this production would be far too difficult - suffice to say, each has contributed an essential part of the whole, and neither could do without the other in bringing to birth Waltzing Matilda the Musical.

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